Why Strong Men’s ministry?

STRONG….By Many or Few

We aim to raise up a generation of strong men of God through a strategic process of mentorship and instruction in matters of the whole person: Spirit, Mind and Body, so that each man is equipped to conquer any challenge.

“But no one can go into a strong man’s house and steal his property unless he first overpowers and ties up the strong man, and then he will ransack and rob his house.” – Mark 3:27

What to expect?

Expect true discipleship, mentorship, personal development and growth all centered and founded upon Jesus Christ. Because men are hurting, broken, and plagued with the cares of the world, they aren’t talking about it nor doing anything to resolve it.

Men need empowerment and vision to see what really matters in life and how to make a difference with the life they have been given. Every man wants to “matter”, to do something great, to leave a legacy, to make an impact. Strong Men’s Ministry exists for that purpose, to equip you and show you how

Frequently Asked Questions

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