Why C-Kids?

At Celebration Church, our C-Kids mission is for children of all ages to love God, love people, do their best and have fun. We recognize that C-Kids is our children’s church, meaning that this is their place to worship and learn about God, experience His presence in a corporate setting, and connect with their peers. We believe that when children have positive experiences within the church, it empowers them to go out into the world and be the church to those around them.


At C-Kids, we filter everything we do through the FACTS – Is it Fun, Age-Appropriate, Creative, Team-oriented and Safe? We believe the FACTS are essential in creating an environment where Jesus can be lifted high and kids can draw close to Him. We strive to create an environment that is –

Fun – Kids love to have fun… and so do we! We know that if kids are having fun, then they will want to come back to God’s House, which gives us another opportunity to show them His love and for them to experience His presence.

Age-Appropriate – We strongly believe that it is important​​ to present Jesus to kids on their level. No child is too young or too little to experience God’s love. Therefore, our classroom environments, teaching materials, and curriculum are designed with stage of development in mind.

Creative – God’s Word is life-changing; therefore, we want kids to fall in love with it at an early age. We foster this love through teaching God’s Word creatively to young, open hearts and minds.

Teamwork – Jesus taught us to love others as we love ourselves. One of the key ways we facilitate this in C-Kids is by offering opportunities for relationship-building among the kids as well as with our caring teaching teams.

Safety – Your child’s safety is of utmost importance. Every child’s name tag is matched to their parents by the security code which changes each week. All of our Dream Team members are interviewed and background checked before entering in the classroom. We provide an environment where children are physically, emotionally, and spiritually safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

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